Hand Signals in Operating Room


Curved scissors or Metzenbaun

Straight scissors
*hand sign is done with snipping action (?)

Curved forceps

Straight forceps

Needle holder (with needle) and suture
*hand sign is done in sawing manner

Army Navy retractor
*hand sign is done in a retracting manner

Tissue or Thumb forceps
*hand sign done with thumb and fore finger touching each other repeatedly

*hand sign done with the thumb moving up and down

 please confirm with your classmates or clinical instructors if these hands signals are correct.

The other instruments do not have hand signals anymore. Usually the doctor in the operating room would just say the name of the instruments (for example bobcock and allis).

The hand signals in the operating room is not being used at all times. Sometimes, the surgeon would just tell you the name of the instrument in the entire operation. Some would use the hand signal only for some instruments.

The hand signals in the operating room are easy to memorize. The hand signals usually mimic they way the instruments are being used so you'll always have a clue as to what the surgeon is asking for in the operating room.

Good luck and always remember to pray before entering the operating room.

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